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Lic 1092197 C-33

Who We Are & What We Do

We are cabinet and furniture painters. We can supply new doors / drawer faces commonly referred to as refacing. We do not do any construction ie hang cabinets, install counters or backsplashes or wall/trim painting under normal circumstances. We can sub contract out these services.  

Have you ever heard of Milesi, Renner, Centurion, ILVA, Gemini or Axalta? Probably not because these are professional Wood Coatings for fine finishing. I had never heard of them either until a couple years ago.   

Benjamin Moore,  Sherwin Williams & Dunn Edwards have some great products but they aren’t going to withstand abuse like these other products will. I’ve have used a variety of paint products for years and have had great results but I still wanted better. Wanting to stick with waterbased products my search was on. 

Why do we use Renner Wood Coatings? 

• water-based 
• resistance to cleaning products 
• abrasion resistance according to UNI 
• scratch resistance according to UNI 

ANSI/KCMA A161.1 Standard 

To begin the process for certification under the ANSI/KCMA A161.1 Standard, American cabinet manufacturers must make sure the cabinet line(s) they are looking to certify meets these 14 requirements. After these are met, 8 categories of tests are conducted #4 is the finish test. 

Finish Tests 

These tests create, in accelerated form, the cumulative effects of years of normal kitchen conditions of pre-finished cabinets. Cabinet finishes are inspected to ensure that stringent standards of appearance are also met. 

  1. To test the ability of the finish to withstand high heat, a cabinet door is placed in a hotbox at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity for 24 hours. After this test the finish must show no appreciable discoloration and no evidence of blistering, checks or other film failures. 
  2. To test the ability of the finish to withstand hot and cold cycles for prolonged periods, a cabinet door is placed in a hotbox at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity for one hour, removed and allowed to return to room temperature and humidity conditions, and then placed in a coldbox for one hour at -5 degrees Fahrenheit. The cycle is repeated five times. The finish must then show no appreciable discoloration and no evidence of blistering, cold checking or other film failure. 
  3. To test the ability of the finish to withstand substances typically found in the kitchen and bath, exterior exposed surfaces of doors, front frames, drawer fronts and end panels are subjected to vinegar, lemon, orange and grape juices, tomato ketchup, coffee, olive oil and 100-proof alcohol for 24 hours and to mustard for one hour. After this test, the finish must show no appreciable discoloration, stain or whitening that will not disperse with ordinary polishing and no indication of blistering, checks or other film failure. 
  4. To test the ability of the finish to withstand long periods of exposure to a detergent and water solution, a cabinet door edge is subjected to exposure to a standardized detergent formula for 24 hours. The door edge must then show no delamination or swelling and no appreciable discoloration or evidence of blistering, checking, whitening, or other film failure. 

  1. Drill hardware holes
  2. Remove all doors and drawers & number 
  3. Remove all hinges and store or replace hinges per client request 
  4. Degrease and Neutralize Rinse 50/50 alcohol and water or Naptha /Acetone mix 
  5. Sand 
  6. Wipe down  
  7. Prime
  8. Sand 
  9. Wipe down
  10. Apply finish color coats 
  11. Apply clear sealer if glazing or faux finishing or the products they use  are not self sealing. 
  12. Rehang doors and drawers in original spots with original hardware or replacement hardware by request 

Cover for Transformations by Tiffany Painting Solutions License 1092197
Transformations by Tiffany Painting Solutions License 1092197

Transformations by Tiffany Painting Solutions License 1092197

California State License 1092197 Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting / Furniture Transformations – Vint

Our most recent transformation! Updating this table and chairs from 2004 to a gorgeous fresh light new look! Contact us today if you have a project we can help with! Message us in Messenger or text or call 707-389-6730 #furniturerestorations #napa #painting #refinish #benicia #solano #fairfield #painter #contracosta #renner #remodel #rennovation #cabinetpainting #kitchenonabudget See MoreSee Less
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Coming soon! Follow along as we transform this buffet! Step 1 to strip all the failing veneer. This one has two layers of veneer that was failing everywhere.Step 1 We will apply new veneer to the top as the wood underneath has many holes. Step 2 we are going to stain the top and drawers Step 3 Paint the body in Centurion 1108 and 400 cabinet coating tinted to Ben Moore OC-16 Cedar Key Follow along as we update and restore this beautiful buffet! Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this stunning addition to your space! Contact us by message, text or call 707-389-6730#centurion #furniturerestorations #painting #refinish #solano #fairfield #painter #contracosta #renner #remodel #rennovation #cabinetpainting See MoreSee Less
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***PRICING EXAMPLES FOR PROFESSIONAL CABINET REFINISHING***I get asked a lot what are our prices. The following is supplied to illustrate our pricing model. The following example is a National Average. Here in California we are at the top and/or above the top end of the scale. From the creator: We noticed that our example pricing in this group was a bit out of date and prices have changed a lot since 2020. At the end of last year I used two of the example kitchens from 2020 and added 2 more kitchens for a bit of variety and asked the pros in our professional group to price these kitchens and advise what products they use.Key takeaways:1. As Cabinet Refinishing businesses continue to grow and professionalize they are adjusting their pricing to remain profitable and continue to grow. The cost of materials and labor have increased since 2020 which are being reflected in the price increases. 2. The majority of the refinishers listed industrial water-based coatings from Renner, Milesi, Centurion, and Envirolak as the top contenders. As the industrial water-based coatings industry continues to grow and improve we are seeing new products from other manufacturers coming out that refinishers are now using. If you are not sure about the product your refinisher is using feel free to ask. The quality of the coating is a significant factor in a successful refinishing project!3. We asked them where they are located so these prices are from all over the US and a few being from Canada. These prices are not set in stone and will probably continue to go up over time and this is just to give you an example of what to expect around the country for professional cabinet refinishing. Many factors come into play when a business determines their pricing such as labor, overhead, and profitability. Hopefully this will help homeowners choose the right refinisher for the job. We see a lot of homeowners say they were quoted $2,000 to refinish their cabinets when it should be around $6,000 and that throws a large red flag for us because it usually means something is being cut like prep, quality of finish, or even their liability insurance. As a final note when interviewing a cabinet refinisher make sure they go over their process and that it is in writing in their contract. Ask for sample doors. Read reviews. Do your homework before you hire.Contact us today for your Free Virtual Quote. In person quotes are $150. You may request either or both. #renner #yolocounty #napa #painting #refinish #benicia #solano #fairfield #painter #contracosta #kitchengoals #renner #remodel #rennovation #kitchenideas #kitchenlove #kitcheninspo #kitchencabinetpainting #cabinetpainting #kitchenonabudget #refinish #cabinetpricing #kitchenpricing See MoreSee Less
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